Torhaven Name and History

The Torhaven Name

Torhaven: a name as beautiful and unique as the parkland neighbourhood it represents. ‘Torhaven’ is a portmanteau word where two meaningful and descriptive words combine to create something unique and memorable. A ‘Tor’ is described as a rocky pinnacle or peak of a hill. A ‘Haven’ is defined as a place of shelter and safety. Combined, Torhaven becomes a unique and beautiful sounding name that holds direct significance to both the natural features of the development site, and the homely ambiance families will enjoy as residents.

The Rawlings Family

The Torhaven site was owned by the Rawlings family since the early 1970’s, where Andy and Sandra Rawlings created a rural home and retreat for their family. The Rawlings are a prominent Ipswich family who founded the Rawlings Shoes and Menswear store in 1898, which still exists at its original location at 137 Brisbane Street, in the Ipswich CBD. The main entry into Torhaven is Rawlings Road, named after the Rawlings family, and the streets within Torhaven are named after members of the Rawlings family.

Surrounding Area

Settlement of the broader Ripley area dates from the mid 1800s, with land used mainly for grazing, crop growing and coal mining. Some growth took place during the late 1800s, however population remained minimal until the mid 1990s. The population increased steadily between 1996 and 2011 as new dwellings were added to the area. Significant growth is expected in the future from the development of the Ripley Valley.

Traditional Land Owners

The traditional land owners were the Jagera people. Jagera is a language group of Australian Aboriginal people people in the Chepara tribe which inhabited the territories from Moreton Bay to Toowoomba including the city of Brisbane (including Ipswich) before European settlement. The Jagera people are one of the traditional custodians of the land over which much of Brisbane is built.

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